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Workplace Discrimination

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Disability discrimination in the workplace is a serious issue. If you have a physical or mental disability, and your employer won't make reasonable accommodation, Lucien Law Group is here to help. Our lead disability discrimination attorney will help you get the accommodations you need. We can also assist if you're unlawfully denied a job because of a disability.

Speak to a disability lawyer in Encino, CA about your situation now.

5 common reasonable accommodations

The Americans with Disabilities Act dictates that employers must provide reasonable accommodations for their employees. A few of the more common accommodations include:

Altering employee policies
Providing needed equipment
Making work schedules flexible
Creating a more accessible workplace
Reassigning the employee to a different position

A disability lawyer can help you determine what accommodations you should expect from your employer. If you have any questions for a disability discrimination attorney, email us today.

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